Train with the Best to be the Best!

We are constantly evaluating where we have been and where we want to go.  Because of this we strive to bring in people that we consider the best in the industry.  Do not get stuck training somewhere that has the big fish small pond mentality.  Step outside of your comfort zone and discover where your strengths and weakness may lie.  Whether it's pet training, schutzhund, personal protection or detection training and even decoy skills. we can help you reach your goals.

Training Workshop With Joey Leigh


Joey Leigh is a national level USCA helper, training director for the Atlanta Working Dog Club, and President of Arete Canine LLC. He began his dog training career in hunting dogs at an early age. That interest then spread to obedience and working sports. He has trained and coached people to the regional and national level in AKC obedience, agility, police dog competitions, French Ring, as well as the world level in Schutzhund/IPO. He qualified twice with separate dogs to go to the FMBB World Championships and decided to go one of those competitions. As a helper, he has been selected for the AWMA, USRC, USCA, Bouvier, and UDC National Championships. He has worked approximately 50 trials in the US and 10 in Europe- totaling over 500 dogs in trial.

As President/ Training Director of Arete Canine LLC, Joey has trained countless dogs and handlers in every aspect of police canine work: detection (narcotics and explosives), obedience, tactical training for SWAT, tracking/trailing, bitework, and decoy/helper work. His focus is on using progressive methods to teach practical application for the real world.

Whether troubleshooting someone’s issues in bed bug detection or mentoring a first time handler for competitive sports, Joey’s emphasis is on teaching and problem solving. Handlers can expect to learn not only what to do, but the how and why behind it.