Personal Protection Dogs

The Statistics are freightening

  • home invasion occurs every 15 seconds. 1 in 5 homes will experience a home invasion in America. 
  • America experiences over 8,000 home invasions p/day.
  • 60% of ALL RAPES occur during home invasions.

How do you defend yourself?

It is late, you are in bed when you hear a noise, Where is your gun?  How fast can you gain your bearings in order to properly defend yourself?

How trained are you with your handgun?

If you haven't spent time on the range undergoing stress drills and running scenarios then you will either over react or under react placing both yourself and others in great jeopardy.

The Facts

A well Trained Dog can deter crime.

A protection dog will react immediately.

You can call a dog back unlike a bullet.

A protection dog is a well trained, social member of your family.