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First and foremost, we are a family that have taken our hobby and passion of dog training and competition to start up our business.  We hope to pass on our own positive obedience training methods and enjoyment for dog sports to others. We offer many services including our puppy school class, basic and advanced obedience, protection sports(psa,american Schutzhund and more) scentwork and professional detection dogs as well as tracking.




Having spent 1* years in law enforcement-- training K9s in tracking, nosework and working personal protection dogs as well as training in the sport of Schutzhund and PSA  I have a background that has allowed me to experience almost any scenario that may arise. We continue to train and educate ourselves in the most modern and positive methods available through competing among ourselves as well as constantly attending seminars. We have been serving the Owensboro and Madisonville areas for the past decade and believe our furry friends are an important part of our family. We want to help you have a successful and peaceful life with your furry family member, as well. Whether you are here for dog boarding or pet training, we will welcome you and your pet in a positive atmosphere.   

We believe that our furry friends are an important part of our family and have been serving the Owensboro and Madisonville area for the past decade; therefore want to help you have a successful and peaceful life with your furry family member.  

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Family First K9

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Your full service training center

With a background in law enforcement handling k9s, competition obedience, schutzhund and scent work both as a competitor and a judge. I am able to meet any need you may experience wheter it be modifying aggressive behavior or training a personal protection dog or service dog we can help you meet your goals. 


 Jeremy has help me tremendously with our German shepherd puppy over the last year with basic obedience skills... he has made my dog a good citizen and a fun family dog!  I highly recommend his services .  Eric Myers

 Just had my first class last night and it went great! I recently got a 3 year old German shepherd and he needs some training! I saw a different dog when working with him with family first k9 and know that my dog is going to be great! 

Can't wait for the next class to so we can keep learning and bonding!

Brooke Daily

So incredibly lucky to have stumbled upon FFK9 and Jeremy (thank you good ole google). My boyfriend and I took the leap and signed our puppy, Booker, for class and have been nothing but thrilled with the care and instruction we've received. Next we are on to agility classes with FFK9, and we can't wait!!

Alex Russell

Scent Work

Wanting to get into the sport of Scent Work?  Or perhaps you are already competing in AKC, NACSW or CPe. Whatever the case may be we can help you get started or take your training to the next level.  As a judge in AKC, CPE and NACSW as well as an evaluator through Drug Beat certifying professional detection dogs.  We offer incites that can clear up your alert or simply get you started in the right direction.  We host weekly training through our cpe scentwork club as well as private lessons.  If you can't make it we also offer an online training option available through patreon. 


We are excited to offer a boot camp program for both basic and advanced obedience.  If you have a dog that needs training but don't have the time to attend classes then our boot camp is the perfect solution.  All 30 day boot campers receive a long line, training collar, t shirt and two private lessons. 

Friendly tips to help

We are always being contacted by individuals that have behavioral or training issues with their dog.  I wanted to start by adding some of the most common I come across.

I am having a hard time with housebreaking my dog.  They did fine but are now having accidents.  Is there a trick to it?

1.Crate training.  By nature, dogs are very clean and they don’t like to eliminate where they sleep or eat. The first step to house training your puppy is to crate train the puppy.  If you choose to not use a crate, you’ll want to have a way to confine the puppy to an area such as a small room or a section of a room. Baby gates across the doorway can be a good tool. 2.Timing.  Remember, timing is everything when it comes to house training. The key to predicting when your puppy will need to eliminate is having very consistent feeding times. You should feed a consistent diet because changes in food can affect your puppy’s bowel habits. If you feed the same food at the same time each day, you can predict approximately when your puppy will have a bowel movement. 3.Scheduling. Trips outside should be frequent and the schedule for outside trips should be consistent.  It is commonly recommended that young puppies be taken outside to relieve themselves at least once an hour. If you have a work schedule that won’t facilitate you taking your puppy out this often, understand that young puppies don’t yet have control of their bladders and bowels and they may have accidents. They can’t help this. Be patient when accidents happen. Quietly clean up the accident with cleaning products that will remove the smell.

4. Reinforcing desired behaviors. Rewards are important. When you take your puppy outside, be sure to reward the puppy for eliminating (urinating or defecating) outdoors. A treat and lavish praise will increase the likelihood the puppy will continue to eliminate outside.

5.Providing exercise. Activity plays a critical role in housetraining. Activity (such as running, playing, or walking on a leash) will increase your puppy’s motility, meaning that exercise stimulates the bowels to move. A good walk in the morning or starting the day by playing with you in the yard will get your puppy off to a good start in the morning.

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